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Cannot Administrator SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services on Windows 2008 R2

April 26, 2010 2 comments just finished installing SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services on Windows 2008 Server R2.  After all the settings were configured in Report Configuration Manager.  I went to http://servername/reports/, to find I don’t have any access.  I couldn’t see the “Site Settings” link, and the Content/Properties tabs were missing on Home Page.

Local Administrators are suppose to have access to http://servername/reports/.  I checked the ReportServer database on SQL Server to make sure nothing was wrong; namely checking the Users table to make sure BUILTIN\Administrators was listed in users that had access.

I also confirmed the report server install files logs to make sure no component was missed or such.  And than I looked into report server log file and I found possible issue with port 80 conflict.  I resolved this issue by turning off IIS however the original issue continued to persist.

Digging further into the configuration of Windows server I found “User Account Control (UAC)” was turned on. With UAC on even though I was part of Local Administrator group that part of my permission was not passed into the web browser.  Thus making it impossible to configure the reporting services but if I start Internet Explore with Right Click -> Run as Administrator option; I was able to access the administrator functionality with in Reporting Services.


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