I started blogging when I was still working as an operational DBA in Gov’t, it used to be called SQL Learnings.  Later I decided to rebrand it to SQL Canada (SQLCAN).

The blog was meant to capture my experiences with SQL Server, some obvious and some that I struggle with.  As a Microsoft Full-Time Employee (MSFT) and Data, Analytics, and AI (DAI) Premier Field Engineer (PFE), I am fortunate to interact with many organizations across North America.  I have learned a lot since starting in December 2010.

I have kept my blog technical on purpose because I am not good at sharing what is going through my brain most of the time.  My focus was always on SQL Server Engine also, because that is how I defined myself.

Now with changing world, I find, I have to reinvent myself.  Microsoft has grown beyond just “SQL Server.”  I used to define myself as “SQL Server PFE,” now I want to define myself as “Data, Analytics and AI PFE.”  “SQL Server” is part of the equation, it is not the whole equation in my day-to-day interactions now.

In the outside world, I am a father & a husband.  This is how I define myself, so even though I love my work, my family comes first in almost every decision I make.  I have lots of interests, most of which tend to sit on the bench, but one day I hope to get back to them.  I am interested in lots of topics, Cosmology, Theoretical Physics, Genetics, History, Self-Help Topics, Self-Reflection, etc.

My hobbies (if I have free time), Manga, Japanese Language/Culture, Kendo, and iGo.



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