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SQL Server System Views Chart

March 29, 2012 Leave a comment

If you are junkie like me you most likely have this already, just in case you don’t; here are some useful links :).

SQL Server 2012 System View Map

To-Be-Found-Still (I haven’t gotten one yet :().

SQL Server 2008 R2 System View Map

SQL Server 2008 System View Map

SQL Server 2005 System View Map

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01 – SQL Server Related On-Line References

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Over the past month or two I been saving any link I find interesting for SQL Server sometimes other topics. To build a library and thought I’ll post them on my blog when I have 30 or so links saved up. I thought it will take me about 3-4 months to do this; but I manage to make a small list quickly…

Below are some links are articles I have read and referenced for various reasons, answering questions on newsgroup, forms, or at work. Some of these links are from personal reading, research, or links I collected from reading other posts from various online resources. I think they are all great link; I hope they help someone else also. I have organized them by categories and ordering of links is as I ran into them…

General Database Principals

  • Normalization, Link.

SQL Server General

  • SQL Server System Maps, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • SQL Server Feature Compare, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • SQL Server Editions Support (multiple editions installed on single server), SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 Link & SQL 7.0, 2000 and 2005 Link.
  • Compatibility Charts, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • Patching Information; I absolutely love this site, gives list of all KB, all releases for each version of SQL Server, Link.
  • Max Capacity Charts, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • Concurrent Administrative Options, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.

SQL Server Internals

  • How Indexes are Stored and Accessed, Link (and what is a B-Tree, Link).
  • Self-Made Corruption (** DO NOT DO THIS ON PRODUCTION DB **); If you are trying to learn how to deal with corruption; following articles show how to corrupt your database so you can try repairing it, Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3.

Memory Management

  • SQL Internal issue with the USERSTORE_TOKENPERM memory Clerk cause excessive memory usage, Link.
  • Cache Plan Flush, what triggers it?, Link.

Performance Tuning

  • Uncover Hidden Data to Optimize Application Performance; This article gives an overview of the DMV/DMF that can be used in performance tuning, Link.

SQL Server Agent

  • Issue with Jobs not Clearing properly in SQL 2000, Job Cache Issues, Link.

T-SQL Coding

  • How to parse String in SQL?, SQL 2000 Link & SQL 2005 Link.


  • How to transfer Logins between servers?, Link.
  • How to setup SPN for SQL Server?, Link.

Linked Servers, Remote Servers?

  • Linked Servers vs Remote Servers, Link.


  • Auto Completing Property in Command Prompt; Sometimes the auto complete doesn’t work when you press [tab] key in command prompt; so one day when I was using SQLCMD it was driving me nuts, Link.
  • SQL Prettifier; An online resource to format SQL Code, I seem to have issues formatting large chucks of code; but for quick formatting for blogs and such def a HUGE PLUS, Link.
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Top Tips for Effective Database Maintenance

March 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Paul Randal, wrote this article in the reference. I read it I think about 3-4 weeks back when a Microsoft consultant mailed me the link. It was really well written, I always have hard time explaining to people index fragmentation. The diagrams in these picture make that life alot easier :).

He talks about Data and Log Management, Index Fragmentation, Statistics, Corruption Detection, and Backups in article. A quick and easy read I thinks :).


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Important Links for SQL Server 2008

October 4, 2008 Leave a comment
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Imporant Links for SQL Server 2005

October 4, 2008 Leave a comment
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Execution Plan Basics

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Just read article explaining SQL Query plans and how to understand them. I find many people don’t know what these plans mean or if they know about their existence they don’t use them.

In the last five or so I showed many people a lot of the basics of this article to them one at a time; and thought about writing it myself but lazy. Anyhow this article is for 2005, so in 2000 you don’t have the XML plan but it gives nice information on how to read and understand this plans to write better SQL Code.

This article is actually from Grant’s book ‘Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans’; this to buy list for sure.


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To SP or not to SP in SQL Server

December 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Just read this article, I am stronge following to SPs. Of of the points highlighted in this were a bit of suprise to me.

Using SPs make it more likely that you will pass parameters the
right way, but there is no guarantee.

I thought it is possible to do it in SPs when I saw an SP like:

@SQLStatement varchar(8000)
EXEC @SQLStatement

I talked to the developer about this, they did this so they wouldn’t have to create SPs for all the adhoc code they have, and they were kind of trying to follow the rule only code gets exectued by means of stored procedures.

But according to Douglas, it is pobbile to do it other ways. I would like to find other ways to do SQL Injection, not to execute it but to understand SQL Injection in further depth.

Ref Link:

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