01 – SQL Server Related On-Line References

Over the past month or two I been saving any link I find interesting for SQL Server sometimes other topics. To build a library and thought I’ll post them on my blog when I have 30 or so links saved up. I thought it will take me about 3-4 months to do this; but I manage to make a small list quickly…

Below are some links are articles I have read and referenced for various reasons, answering questions on newsgroup, forms, or at work. Some of these links are from personal reading, research, or links I collected from reading other posts from various online resources. I think they are all great link; I hope they help someone else also. I have organized them by categories and ordering of links is as I ran into them…

General Database Principals

  • Normalization, Link.

SQL Server General

  • SQL Server System Maps, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • SQL Server Feature Compare, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • SQL Server Editions Support (multiple editions installed on single server), SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 Link & SQL 7.0, 2000 and 2005 Link.
  • Compatibility Charts, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • Patching Information; I absolutely love this site, gives list of all KB, all releases for each version of SQL Server, Link.
  • Max Capacity Charts, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.
  • Concurrent Administrative Options, SQL 2005 Link & SQL 2008 Link.

SQL Server Internals

  • How Indexes are Stored and Accessed, Link (and what is a B-Tree, Link).
  • Self-Made Corruption (** DO NOT DO THIS ON PRODUCTION DB **); If you are trying to learn how to deal with corruption; following articles show how to corrupt your database so you can try repairing it, Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3.

Memory Management

  • SQL Internal issue with the USERSTORE_TOKENPERM memory Clerk cause excessive memory usage, Link.
  • Cache Plan Flush, what triggers it?, Link.

Performance Tuning

  • Uncover Hidden Data to Optimize Application Performance; This article gives an overview of the DMV/DMF that can be used in performance tuning, Link.

SQL Server Agent

  • Issue with Jobs not Clearing properly in SQL 2000, Job Cache Issues, Link.

T-SQL Coding

  • How to parse String in SQL?, SQL 2000 Link & SQL 2005 Link.


  • How to transfer Logins between servers?, Link.
  • How to setup SPN for SQL Server?, Link.

Linked Servers, Remote Servers?

  • Linked Servers vs Remote Servers, Link.


  • Auto Completing Property in Command Prompt; Sometimes the auto complete doesn’t work when you press [tab] key in command prompt; so one day when I was using SQLCMD it was driving me nuts, Link.
  • SQL Prettifier; An online resource to format SQL Code, I seem to have issues formatting large chucks of code; but for quick formatting for blogs and such def a HUGE PLUS, Link.

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