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How to troubleshoot Writelog wait type?

November 26, 2011 2 comments

Few weeks ago when I was teaching the SQL Server PTO Workshop, I didn’t do a deep dive into how to troubleshoot writelog wait type.  Before I wrote something, I decided to look what was out there.  I think Sakthivel does a far more justice to the issue then I would have.  Please have a read, how T-Log works and why you might see writelog wait type.

  • Sakthivel Chidambaram; What is WRITELOG waittype and how to troubleshoot and fix this wait in SQL Server? (Link)
  • SQLCAT, Lindsey Allan; Diagnosing Transaction Log Performance Issues and Limits of the Log Manager (Link)
  • SQLCAT Blog; Deploying SQL Server 2005 with SAN #3 (Link)
  • CSS SQL Server Engineer Blog; Discussion About SQL Server I/O (Link)
  • MSDN, SQL Server 2005 Technical Articles; SQL Server I/O Basics, Chapter 2 (Link)
  • Bob Dorr, Microsoft SQL Server Principal PFE; Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine I/O PowerPoint Presentation (Link)

(copied links from Sakthivel’s Blog).

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