WIP: MCITP: Database Administrator

Getting ready for the test, I finished reading the SQL Server 2005 – Designing a Database Server Infrastructure (Self-Paced Training Kit). I used the same thing when I wrote the 70-431, I have to say I really like these books.

Well organized and easy to understand; but don’t cover everything in detail as I would like. But I guess it would take too long in the book. And takes out the room to play, and learn.

So I been doing the practice tests that came with the book but they are not the same as I’ll be writing on the actual test, so not the best preparation tool. But gives me idea where I stand, and well I am really weak at security related questions :-(.

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  1. Well I finally found some time to write the test; and I passed the 70-443 with 850/1000. But OMG I really needed the all the studying I could get. I can’t talk about what the questions were, but there were 6 case studies followed by 8-11 questions each. By the time I got to last case study, I was pretty burnt. It was getting hard to keep track of what I had read in the first one and what is going on in this one.So I kind of just answered on the wimps on the last question, which probably cost me the marks. But I came over all ahead; the Self-Study kit is good, but I found the BOL and additional reference was needed for Encryption, Permissions, Split/Merge Operations, few more items I can’t remeber of head. But if you follow the book, then do practice tests, and go read the additional reading material I found it was helpful.Next Tentative Test Date: Dec, 2008.

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