SQL Server 2005 Clustering with Windows 2008 Cont’d…

Just had chat with another Microsoft SQL Server Support Engineer and they still can’t re-produce the error. In their log this has happened once before they couldn’t get anything. He got me to execute the following SQL Statement:

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ResourceVersion') as RescourceDB,
SERVERPROPERTY('ResourceLastUpdateDateTime') as ResourceDBLastUpdate,
SERVERPROPERTY('ProductVersion') as Ver,
SERVERPROPERTY ('ProductLevel') as SP;

Which returned following information:

ResourceDB: 9.00.1399
ResourceDBLastUpdate: 2005-10-14 01:56:22.007
Ver: 9.00.3282.00

Both Microsoft Engineer and I were looking at this going what is going on? So not only the mainteance plans failed now we have an issue with resource db not being updated with SP. We noticed that the DB version is still the original RTM version; we decided to run the script again another SQL Server 2005; and the versions were same as expected.

So now they are going to coders to see if there is a solution for this.

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