Normalizing-Denormalized Tables

I hope to write more article as time permits, but this is my first article that I posted on SQL Server Centrals :). I hope it helps someone, and I hope to learn new things from peoples feed back.

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Nov 10, 2008 – Update
So far many people have given me their feed back to my article and it is very helpful. I made some critical errors on using RBAR and such which I ususally frown upon myself. Thanks to folks on site that helped given me some new insight 🙂

Micke Schonning – New way to write my function using String Con-cat and Coalesce Function.

Jeff Moden – Pointing out the obvious RBAR mistake; he later also give suggestion on how to do same import from old table to newer table with limited RBAR and better logic :).

Derek Dongray and WayneS – XPath Example, I am not very good at XML. So this is a good learning lesson.

Things to do for follow up article:

  • Remove RBAR type code.
  • Add Index to the view.
  • Create Instead of Trigger that can update the code in reflecting tables.
  • Show the peformace impacts of using RBAR vs. the new approach.

Nov. 11, 2008 – Update
One more addition to the next article …

cs_troyk – Unique Constraint on the Recourse and Group column so duplicates can’t be added.

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