Error 14274: Cannot add, update, or delete a job (or its steps or schedule) that originated from an MSX server.

You can get this error when trying to modify the properties of a Job after the SQL Server has been renamed or cloned into another computer. When we create a job on SQL Server it creates an entry in sysjobs table logging the job and server originated from. We can fix this issue by updating the sysjobs table:

USE [msdb]

UPDATE sysjobs
   SET originating_server = 'NewServerName'

In addition to jobs not working now the @@ServerName variable can also return invalid information, old server name. Because the @@ServerName gets the server information from the sysservers system table. We can fix this issue with following script:

USE [master]

sp_dropserver 'OldServerName'

sp_addserver 'NewServerName', 'local'

You will have to restart the SQL Server to see the new changes.

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