Surface Area Configuration Manager *R.I.P.*

All who liked the SACM raise your hands …

Right that’s what I thought no one heh; okay it wasn’t that bad. But non the less it was discontinued in SQL 2008.

So how do you lower the Surface Area?

Answer: Use SQL Server Configuration Manager to manage services and you can use Facets to configure Surface Area Configuration.

Right Click on Server -> Click on Facets -> Click on Drop down list select Surface Area Configuration

Change settings you need and click OK.

Following settings can be adjusted here:

  • AdHoc Remote Queries
  • CLR Integration
  • Database Mail
  • OLE Automation
  • Remote DAC
  • Service Broker Endpoint
  • Soap Endpoints
  • SQL Mail
  • Web Assistant
  • XP CmdShell

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Ref #2:

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