ApexSQL Log Tools

Urg! One word to describe an interesting surprise I ran into today. On the Production server the tool created an extended stored procedure that started logging every login that takes place on server in the MSDB. Which I was unaware of and got caught by surprised, so my production server HDD went from 30%+ free less then 10%+. I admit it happened slowly I didn’t notice it until my alert came in for less then 10% free.

I don’t remeber receiving any alerts when I was running the tool that it will be logging information into MSDB; so it was surprised. So for now I have turned off their logging Extended Stored Procedure and truncated the table in question. I understand from reading a bit on it it gets used to report who executed what when reviewing T-Log; but I wish I knew so I can truncate and backup it up.

For now I am truncate and shrinking the file until I can implement or come up with a plan to save this information.

Ref: http://www.apexsql.com/knowledgebase/2007/08/troubleshooting-very-large.htm

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