Windows Internal Database

I haven’t ran into this much, as it seems it is optional component that can be installed when configuring Microsoft Windows.  The reason I say its optional is I don’t see this configured on every Windows 2008 Server.

Only seen it on handful servers so far; I have not had much chance or need to dig into it.  But this database stores information for “Active Directory Rights Management Services, Windows System Resource Manager, UDDI Services, and Windows SharePoint Services” [1].

It uses SQL Server Embedded/Internal/Express Edition and is not remotely manageable.  I had to deal with this instance of SQL Server because there seem to be some contention issue on a server running full version of SQL Server (sorry don’t remember details).

Anyhow this article is more on just this database exists, and how to connect to it.  Since this SQL Server instance is not remote manageable or TCP/IP manaageable; you have to use Named-pipe protocol to connect or all attempts at a connection will fail.

Server Connection name is “\\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query” (without quotes).

Again please note this is local to server, you cannot manage this remotelly.


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