1st Month at Microsoft…


I promise to not turn this into a personal blog and will start posting SQL related stuff again *soon*; just need to get my life sorted out a bit now.

So been with Microsoft for just over a month now and I have to say it is going to be a blast working here if I can survive the pace.  So a quick recap on what I been up to …

1st week Janauary met the boss and got my hardware.  2nd week learning the admin processes. 3rd week training (cool stuff!!!) 4th week more learning admin processes and self studying (for next week) 5th week shadowing a co-worker 6th week MY FIRST ENGAGEMENT with client :D.

So 6 weeks have gone by already!?!? OMG I think I forgot to breath some where… eeep!

The process is over whelming at first but I think I am getting hang of it, you really have to learn to walk fast or you get left behind.  Making mistakes is part of learning right!?! While I am making a few and learning fast.  Can’t sit around, so far if I have spare time I am reading, reveweing.  The things “I WISHED”  I had time to read, but didn’t; well now I got to read all that and more.

I have read some thing like 1000+ pages of material since joining Microsoft.  Technical and non-technical (admin papers zzzzzzzzzz).  Process work is nice.. I am suppose to get more of it done soon hmmm where do I find the time.  Well keep at it, lets see if I can climb this mountian…

I am glad I got the oppertunity to be here, a new preserctive for me :D.

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