Whats the plan?

I don’t have one to be exact.  But I am at Microsoft GeekREADY! conference, learning lots of interesting stuff.  Some stuff about social networking and over all ePersona. So so I have three blogs now; going to try to do stuff that will help it organize what I am doing.

SQL Canada @ WordPress – Non-Microsoft, just what ever I feel like talking about, but it will be SQL.

SQL Canada @ MSDN (Link) – Experiences as SQL Server PFE (hopefully fun & interesting articles).

OpsVault (Link) – PFE Exclusive Articles, deep technical articles on various topics.  I am hoping to get deeper then my first attempt (yeeeh! I hope).

Any how…

I am thinking the posts will work this way (probably will change as my brain sorts out stuff)… Article on OpsVault will filter down to (MSDN & WordPress), Article on MSDN will filter down t0 (WordPress), WordPress, is its own man.. thing… it. Yaa thats it!

Okay 12:40AM, I need to clean up all the posts make sure links and images are good that have been ported over from my old blog home.  I might remove some of the older posts, I am unsure.  Anyhow for now bed calls, still got GeekREADY! tomorrow.

No wait, it’s now almost 1AM.  Just had another idea; WordPress might also include posts from my MSDN Forms and MSDN newsgroups issues I assist with :).

Now its time to go sleep, if my brain stops turning.

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