Setting up iSCSI Target and Initiator

I am sure everyone has realized, when it comes to configure Servers I am the last person that should get near them.  I am good enough to be very dangerous, which some times is cool.  But any how, I was trying to setup a new lab for me on Hyper-V (also new to me, seems all mysterious and has w00000ness factor for me).  Anyhow, I am glad while running around internet I ran into following two sites, they both made my life 100x easier.  I never though I’ll get Hyper-V working, never mind having iSCSI targets, initiators and Failover Clustering working .. weeeee!  Thanks to both Brien M. Posey & Jane Yan authors of following articles.

Setting Up Failover Clustering for Hyper-V by Brien M. Posey
This is a 9 part series, here is the link for first part; if you guys have trouble finding the rest of the parts let me know.  I’ll post the other part links.

Introduction of iSCSI Target in Windows Server 2012 by Jane Yan

Thanks a bunch again :). One might ask why I am playing with Hyper-V?  Well I want to muck around with clustering when I am bored, I can’t afford expensive hardware.  But I got some extra hard drive space to spare… so here we go.  I’ll be filling it up with VMS weeeeee!  Okay back to having fun :D.

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