1. Mohit,

    Have you even run into someone who has completed these steps, yet still has the same error?

    That is exactly where I am….

    All suggestions welcome.


  2. Nope I have not. Can you please describe you’re configuration please? Some of the things that come to mind is protocol of communication, valid ports, NetBIOS name vs long server names, etc. Make sure your server does gets resolved correctly to FQDN that you registered.

  3. I am currently having this issue with only one user. I am able to run my report fine, with Kerberos, but when he runs it, he gets the anonymous error mentioned above.

      1. Correct. SPN do not know anything about instance names. They are a pair of server and port configuration combined. Therefore, as long as your SSRS is listening on port 80 as in your example, SPN would be HTTP/ServerName.Domain.Com. If you are using non-standard port, then HTTP/ServerName.Domain.Com:Port is also required. In some scenario, you might also need to make NetBIOS name also; HTTP/ServerName and HTTP/ServerName:Port.

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