Smart index management (SQLSIM) V2.06.01 Released!

Some updates to an existing solution, fixing some bugs, refactoring some code, and adding new new functionality on my client’s request.

  • Fixed bug in how the index fragmentation for IN_ROW_DATA.
  • Refactored how operation time requirement is calculated. Now the solution will also warn you if FragScan will break the maintenance window end time.
  • Corrected some spelling mistakes in column name.
  • Protected the dbo.MaintenanceWindow table to stopping accidently deletion and modification ID 1 and ID 2 record.
  • Split the deployment script to multiple scripts.
  • Changed how maintenance window are assigned during meta data update.
  • Fixed a bug with how operation cost was calculated which prevented any index maintenance operation.

Try out the new version, V2.06.01, here. Leave comment here, feedback on GitHub, or email me. :).

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