Central Management Server (CMS) for SQLOpsDB

The CMS is the driver of all the data collection needs. When registering a server in CMS, follow these best practices.

Register only the replicas, stand-alone, or failover cluster instances. That is do not register Availability Group Listener in same CMS group as Availability Group Replicas. This will cause duplicate data collection. The SQLOpsDB maps data by server name registered in the CMS.

Next, register the servers in the CMS with following guidelines:

  • The server’s name value should be FQDN with instance and port information. For example, sqlcontoso.lab.local\sqlinst01,53000.
  • The registered server name should be simplified value. For example, sqlcontoso\sqlinst01.

The collection tool will use the domain value specified in the CMS when connecting to SQL instance or the computer. If the domain value is missing, it will raise a warning in the logs and default to the settings Default_DomainName.

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