Auditing SSRS Report Execution

We can use the SSRS Report Server Execution Logs (link) to review who is executing reports on the server.  These logs are saved directly in the SSRS database Report Server.  There are three views available to us to show the information on who executed the report, how long the execution took, and parameters were used.

However by default the data in the views is only kept for 60 days.   We can change that however via SSMS.

  1. Open SSMS.
  2. Connect to Reporting Instance.
  3. Right lick on Reporting Server Go To Properties.
  4. Go to Logging.
  5. Checking the Remove Log Entries Setting as per in screenshot below.
  6. Click Ok.

SSRS_SettingsI would not recommend making this number large; as it will bloat your database.  Also please don’t give access to people to run queries against this view.  Instead develop a view with filtered set and develop a report that is published against the new view.  Because the execution log contains parameter information, it might also hold sensitive information.

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