Updating Central Management Server (CMS) Register Server List Automatically

Microsoft released Central Management Server (CMS) with SQL Server 2008; it allowed us to have great functionality for multi-server management.  However keeping that list up-to-date can be time consuming and tedious.  For multiple reasons, primary reason because we are only DBAs, so we don’t get told anything.  We are expected to just know it right!?!

Okay, I will not get into rant about that topic.  Anyhow SQL Server instances get installed in organization (without DBA knowledge) or get uninstalled (again without DBA knowledge).  But you have the servers in your CMS registered server list; or would like to get those new servers in that list.  So how can we go about it?

There is no easy way to discover all instances in your domain; one of the few methods are:

  • SCOM
  • SCCM
  • MAP Toolkit

Probably few other, which I don’t know about.  But point is there is nothing Native to SQL Server.  So when one of my clients asked “How can we update CMS automatically?”  Only thing I could think of is SCOM.  So here it is, a PowerShell solution, that updates CMS from SCOM.

If your interested in trying it out please download a copy from Copeplex, here.  It is easy to setup, the documentation on Codeplex site includes instructions.

If you use it, please leave feedback :).

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