How to Recover SQL Database Without Log File: An Ultimate Guide

“Recently I was trying to recover a database that contains MDF and LDF data files. All of a sudden, I got .mdf file from a standard backup tape. However, sp_detach_db was not run on database before the backup of MDF file, so I do not have an LDF file. I know the stored procedure sp_attach_single_file_db can recreate a log file in most cases, and I have tried it to reattach the database, but I receive the following error. If anyone know the solution on how to recover SQL database without log file, please help me out.”

Are you also getting the same error message? Searching for an instant or reliable method to fix it? Do not worry, you are landed on the perfect page. There are multiple users who are facing this problem. Therefore, after understanding the above scenario we have come up with a manual solution. Before that, let us discuss all possible reasons for repairing SQL database without log file.

Reasons Behind Recovery of SQL Database Without LDF file

Go through the following reasons due to which users need to recover database .mdf file without .ldf. Some of them are listed below:

  • Most of the people do not know that log (.ldf) file contains precious transaction data and it is required.
  • There are cases where log file too bit and users have never cared for its size and content. When they want to transfer database to another server they only want the .mdf file to be moved to a new instance.
  • The log file gets corrupted due to hardware failure.

Ways to Recover SQL Database Without Log File

There are different methods through which uses can recover SQL database without using transaction log file. Follow the set of instructions that are listed below:

Way #1: Using T-SQL Method

You can run sp_detach_db on the database to reattach a database with sp_attach_db or sp_attach_single_file_db. Using sp_detach_db ensures the transactional consistency within a database and retains the data integrity. However, if the data integrity is not required or no data has been changed, you will be able to use undocumented Database Consistency Checker (DBCC) REBUILD_LOG cmdlt that Listing 1 shows to attach a database. REBUILD_LOG will re-create the another log file and reattach a particular database even if a valid log file does not exist. But, the data might not eventually consistent because you could have thrown away active and uncommitted transactions. Use this script only for emergency recovery when you need to move data to another database.

Way #2: Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Be sure that the following steps will work only if the database has been clean shutdown and primary file (.mdf) is available. Please have a look:

  • Under Object Explorer window, right click on Database and go to Attach option

  • On the Attach Databases, a dialog box appears and click on Add

  • The dialog box Locate Database Files appears, browse the location where MDF file is located, hit on file to select and then press OK button to exit. A new log file is created by SQL Server while repairing the database. Now, the database will appear in Databases

  • Now, back to the Attach Database box. In the database details, you will observe that SQL Server is unable to find log files (.ldf).
  • To attach the MDF file without LDF, choose the transaction log file and after that, click on Remove

Expert Solution to Repair SQL Database File Without LDF File

As we look at the different methods to recover SQL database without log file. It is more clear that all these manual ways have their respective drawbacks. These methods do not provide the satisfactory results. Thus, we have come with a remarkable tool named as SQL Database Repair Tool. It is the best solution that helps to repair both primary (.mdf) and secondary (.ndf) SQL database files. In addition, it is capable enough to restore deleted SQL database table’s without any hassle. It has simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface which makes easy for users to accomplish the task effectively.

Final Thoughts

While working with Microsoft SQL Server, the situation arises in which database got corrupted. Now, it is necessary to recover all the corrupt database files in SQL Server. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed both manual and professional solutions to let users understand how to recover SQL database without log file. Also, we have covered the most important features of the tool in an absolute way.

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