Power BI Smart Guides for Aligning Objects

It seems all I am teaching for last year is PowerBI.  In my on journey to learn PowerBI development, one of the biggest things I hated was lack of alignment options in visualizations.

We have the align objects, when we select more the one visualization:

PBI Align Options

This is handy but it was still annoying because coming from other Microsoft products that have guides right on-screen for alignment, this was nice but was a big miss for me :(.

Next my pain was, if I want all the visuals to be the same size, now what?  There is no option for same size under format.

General Format

This was again handy but still annoying. Because doing this for each visual is painful.  To come over this I can use snap objects to grid, which helped a bit was not enough.   So when I discovered the guidelines I was in cloud 9 for a while (I am amused very easily these days :P).  I am very lazy in updating in my PowerBI Desktop, and I am further busy with reviewing all the updates released each month.  So I had completely missed this update from January 2019, Smart Guides!~  Discovered this while helping client build reports.

If you don’t have the newest version, I recommend updating it.  If you are running older than January look at preview options.  Anyhow, now when we move objects around we start seeing red-line to let me see the smart guidelines.  For bottom of object alignment, top of object alignment, center of an object, plus to help with sizing to make sure they are same size.

Center Align Smart Guide
Top Align Smart Guide
Bottom Align Smart Guide

PS. This is post for Jan 2019. I am a bit behind, goal was to get one post/month. So I hope to catch up for Feb post and Mar post before end of March :).

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