PowerBI Syntax Highlight in Advance Editor

This is a continuation of the post from last week.  Where I discovered by accident smart guides.  Next thing I discovered was Syntax Highlight.  Again another update — rather preview feature — I missed.

I tell customers to update their PowerBI Desktop frequently as Microsoft updates it monthly.  However, I get caught in daily grind and forget about my own updates.  So I miss important functionality that will make my life easier.

I was working on a function in Power Query Language (M Language) in advance editor.  However, I was running older version, so editing code was in single color (black).


Now most of the code for Power Query is written by Power BI (thank-god).  But if you had to do some custom coding, then you are on your own.  No syntax high-light, now brackets intelligent.  It got very frustrating when working on a more complex code.

So after turning on preview feature “M Intellisense”, now …


Again, I was jumping up and down.  Because I hated writing all black code.  I am a developer at heart.  And all Microsoft IDE have syntax high-light.  It was a big disappointment PowerBI did not have this.   Next thing that was disappointment in PowerQuery no intellisense.  Whoever heard of Microsoft products without, I was in hell.  Dam it!  Looking up references for each function was nightmare. This update made that pain go away! Yeeeh for preview features *bows*.


See, my PowerBI life is complete! Yes! Well until the next thing that gets me all happy :).

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