SQLOpsDB Reports: Dashboard – Drill Through

As stated in previous reports, all the dashboard elements offer drill through. To investigate the additional details behind the summary data. The summary layout is saved in Snapshot.* tables and are only generated once at the end of DataCollection script. If you feel snapshot is incorrect or incomplete, execute Snapshot.CreateDatabaseSnapshot stored procedures. It will drop existing snapshots before creating new.

SQL Services Overview – Drill Through

This report provides list of all services and their current status. The report is filtered by Service Type (SSIS) in case below and Status (Running or Stopped). This report provides quick view which services need to be addressed. Again list does not provide any service where Start Mode is Manual or Disabled.

SQL Errors Overview

This report shows all the errors reported in last 30 hours. The data collection has protection to minimize data collection to last 30 hours. This protection is to prevent a full error log scan on new servers, or servers where data collection might have failed.

If the error log collection is skipped, you will see following message in SQLOpDB Logs report.

After drill through you will see summary filtered by instances that have errors and environment.

Clicking on the error count gives you further break down on error details. How many total errors have happened for a particular error (last 14 days by default plus in last 30 days).

Database Overview

This drill through report lists all the databases by status selected. We’ll drill into this report later.

Configuration Health Overview

Configuration health provides details on total number of failures by policies based on Category selected.

Further drilling into report provides details on which policies are failing by policy name. Policy name in above report do not match below report due to mapping from Short Name (for display purpose) to Long Name (for detail description).

Last clicking on the policy, you can pull out the meta-data saved with the policy. What it is important, best practices or any reference links.

SQL Jobs Overview

Last reported status of each job.

Large Database Size Change

I do not have screenshot for this as my environment is not changing enough. If you have one and can share please let me know. I’ll blur out any sensitive information.

Server Overview

From Top 15 Volumes, clicking on server names, gives it full summary about the server. This drill through report doesn’t provide further drill through currently.

Volume Growth History

Selecting the volume will provide growth history over last 30 days (default) and change day-over-day.

This data is used to calculate the total number of days until disk will be out of space.

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